Best Money Tips: Creative Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

By Amy Lu on 6 November 2017 0 comments

Welcome to Kinhxaydung's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on creative ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, simple tips to spend less this winter, and ways to save money on prescriptions.

Top 5 Articles

— Want to do something different this Thanksgiving? Consider spatchcocking your turkey. [Cheapism]

— Pull open your window curtains and take advantage of the warm, natural light. [Frugal Village]

— Use a drug price finder app like Goodrx to find the lowest prices in your area. [Penny deSaver]

— In order to negotiate effectively, you need to establish trust — and that means being honest and upfront. [Free Money Finance]

— Odds are, you won't be selling everything at the same place. Apps like Poshmark are great for selling clothing, while furniture does well on Craigslist or local Facebook groups. [Everything Finance]

Other Essential Reading

— Try moving during the offseason, especially if you're hiring movers. You'll see more discounts and better deals. [One Smart Dollar]

— In some ways, mistakes can be even more valuable than achievements. [Dumb Little Man]

— Join a dance class together and get moving! [Life Hacks]

— Plan and portion your meals ahead of time to save on space and reduce waste. [PopSugar Smart Living]

— Bitcoin's bubble could burst, but the technology behind it will likely transform personal and business finance. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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