Kinhxaydung Talks and Meetup at BlogWorld Expo

By Greg Go on 18 September 2008 2 comments

Kinhxaydung will be at the this weekend in Las Vegas.

If you'll be there too, we'd love to meet you!  (It's not too late to .)

Come check out one of our speaking sessions and come by the Zen Lounge (Las Vegas Hilton) on Sunday night for a casual meetup.

Kinhxaydung Speaking at BlogWorld Expo

Your Kinhxaydung admins will be on a couple of panels at BlowWorld Expo '08.  We're excited to share the stage with blogging luminaries from around the world.  Come check out these can't miss sessions:

  • Sunday, 4:15 - 5:15, Room 222

    Kinhxaydung editor and sales director Lynn Truong.  With Steve Hall (), David Peralty (), Dave Taylor (), Wendy Piersall ()

  • Friday, 3:30 - 4:45, Room 227

    Kinhxaydung editor Will Chen and tech guy Greg Go.  With Darren Rowse () and Jim Turner ().

Kinhxaydung Meetup @ Zen Lounge (Las Vegas Hilton, Sunday, 9/21, 6-8pm)

On the final night of the conference, come hang out with the Kinhxaydung crew at Zen Lounge -- .  We'll be there from 6pm - 8pm to hang out with new friends (and wait for our flight home).

YOU are invited!  Bring friends.  We'll be drinking and having bar food.  There's no agenda or program.

We especially want to meet our fellow personal finance and frugal living bloggers.

So if you want to unwined at the end of the conference, do a little blogging shop talk, and meet other bloggers, come by the Zen Lounge Sunday night!


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Myscha Theriault's picture

Hi Greg. Will there be podcasts of the lectures available after the fact, by any chance?


Guest's picture

I have my own business and spend A LOT on conferences every year. I couldn't find a rating site for conferences than I found this: . Its new and you can rate and search for conferences on it.