Best Money Tips: How to Afford Real Food on a Budget

By Amy Lu on 7 February 2018 0 comments

Welcome to Kinhxaydung's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on simple ways to afford real food on a budget, an easy system to organize your receipts for the whole year, and ways to make your fresh flowers last longer.

Top 5 Articles

— Do the math and figure out if cooking from scratch is truly more cost-effective than buying some items from the store. Some components to a dish may require more time, effort, and money to make yourself. [Don't Waste the Crumbs]

— Set aside at least 30 minutes each week to record and categorize your receipts in an expense sheet. [Kalyn Brooke]

— When you bring the flowers home, trim two centimeters off the stems, at an angle, before placing them in water. [PopSugar Smart Living]

— Teach English as a second language…from the comfort of your living room! You can make around $24/hour with VIP Kid and Italki. [Thrifty Frugal Mom]

— Use these easy hacks to organize your life, from work to home and everything in between. [Pick The Brain]

Other Essential Reading

— For some goals, it may be more beneficial to set the specific target in the middle of the process rather than at the beginning. [Scott H. Young]

— An emergency fund is crucial for every household — the same goes for your business! [Jessi Fearon]

— Donate unwanted gifts to your child's school or other organizations when they need items for fundraiser raffles. [Caroline Vencil]

— Maximize the vertical space in your kitchen. For cupboards with a lot of empty space at the top, you can install extra shelves, wire baskets, or even curtain rods to create more storage. [The Busy Budgeter]

— The downward trend in unemployment is translating to rising wages in half of the country. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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