Best Money Tips: Discounts for Seniors and Boomers

By Amy Lu on 12 March 2018 0 comments

Welcome to Kinhxaydung's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on discounts for seniors and boomers, tips to help you have it all as a working mom, and how to make the most of your Spring getaway.

Top 5 Articles

— You can be as young as 50 to take advantage of some of these discounts! [More With Less Today]

— Keep a stash of birthday cards and presents that you bought when they were on sale for those times when you need a last-minute gift. [The Diary of a Frugal Family]

— Resist checking your inbox while you're on vacation. Set down your devices, be present, and connect with your surroundings. [PopSugar Smart Living]

— It's important to track your net worth if you want to see a clear picture of your financial health. [Mad Money Monster]

— Before you try to tackle homesteading on a larger piece of land, start small and build your skills right where you are. [The Tiny Life]

Other Essential Reading

— Use the "hanger test" to help you see which clothes you haven't worn in a year. [The Simple White Rabbit]

— Investing in stocks is not the only way to grow your money. Remember, diversification is key! [Frugal Rules]

— Limit your kids' sugar intake this Easter by replacing the candy in their baskets with these sugar-free alternatives. [Fabulessly Frugal]

— When you're having a bad day, taking a cold shower can help you feel better! [Pick The Brain]

— It used to be that workers can only use sick days to care for their immediate family, but in the past two years, more US cities and states have passed laws allowing workers to use sick days to care for anyone who's like family to them. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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