Best Money Tips: 70 Useful Things You Can Get For Free

By Amy Lu on 6 July 2018 0 comments

Welcome to Kinhxaydung's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on valuable things you can get for free, financial accounts you need for a richer life, and how to do expensive hobbies on a budget.

Top 5 Articles

— Find out how you can quality goods and services for free! From food to financial services to entertainment, there's something here for everyone. [Kiplinger]

— Get the scoop on the seven accounts that will allow you to make more, save more, and create safety nets. [Quick and Dirty Tips]

— Are you into snow sports? Shop before winter rolls around and you can get gear and season passes at lower rates. [Money Under 30]

— Getting out of debt isn't complicated. Just follow these five steps, put in a little effort, and start your journey to toward being debt free. [Punch Debt]

— Chasing after happiness isn't the best idea, after all. Studies have found that too much positive emotion can actually be a bad thing. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

— One way to achieve financial independence more quickly — and be able to retire early — is to move to a less expensive area. [The Minimalist Mom]

— There are limitations to how much recycling can happen with plastics, but researchers are looking for solutions in plastic's chemistry. [The Christian Science Monitor]

— Use these four golden rules to teach your kids how to organize and help them develop critical decision-making skills at a young age. [Organizing Junkie]

— If you're relocating to a different state and you need a way to transport your car, here are a few tips from experts on moving your car safely — and affordably! [Public Storage Blog]

— There is usually a lot to organize when you inherit an old house, and you're probably still in mourning, too. These steps can help make the process easier for you and your loved ones. [Steele Organizing]

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