A $25 meal for just $3. Updated.

By Paul Michael on 24 July 2007 15 comments

How many of you are familiar with ? It's a terrfic site that slashes the price of meals by using a coupon system. You usually get great deals on hundreds of local restaurant by paying $10 for a $25 certificate. But with the following coupon I'm about to give you, you can take a further 70% off that price. That makes two $25 certificates to a great restaurant cost just $6 total!

As with many sites like this, there are stipulations for each certificate and they vary from restaurant to restaurant. Some insist that you buy two entrees (not a problem when it's a meal for two). Some say you must order wine with dinner, or you can only use the coupon at a certain time. Be sure to check all of these out to ensure you get the dining experience right for you.

ALSO, as several people have pointed out, you can only use one coupon per visit, per month. I have managed to get around this as I know some restaurant owners pretty well, but if we're going by the rules you should expect to use these on a monthly basis. Still, even if you buy a whole bunch, that's one great meal every month for super cheap. And that's groovy.

To order, just click the link above and make your selections. Then type in the code PRESENT to take a whopping 70% off the already reduced price. Voila, one $25 = $3. Now that's what I call living large on a small budget. The coupon code expires July 31st, so get moving.

You must also make a minimum purchase of $35, so plan your nights out accordingly. But at these prices, you'll be eating well on bare bones budget over several evenings. Have fun, and remember to save room for dessert.

Oh, and due to the popularity of this offer, the site can sometimes run a little slow. Stick with it, you will get your amazing deal.

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The coupons I've bought from restaurant.com aways say one per party, so you may have trouble using 4 of them on that $100 meal. That said, it can still be a great deal.

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I had no problems using the coupons I got at my local curry house, but maybe that's because I have a good relationship with the staff. I'm going to check into this.

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Yeah. I was about to jump on $100 worth for a measly $12, but the Terms and Conditions state:

"Limit one (1) redemption per party, per month, per restaurant."

Still going to jump on one, though. Great tip!

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going to ad an update to the post. This seems to be a sticking point. Thanks.

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The topic title is misleading. Restaurant.com does not work "anywhere." You can only get the certificates for particular local restaurants. And sadly, the ones in my area really don't look that appealing.

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Where I live in West Virginia, there wasn't anything available. Us rural folk don't get no discounts.

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I tried a gazillion different zip codes and restaurants came up in all those areas. I will change to title, which is usually against our policy because of linkage issues, but if it is not available anywhere it needs republishing.

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If you had, you have noticed that MOST of these establishments have pretty restrictive conditions. I've yet to see a single place that has a mere $25 minimum. Your cheery description gives the impression that it's real easy. The fact is that lots of these places despise people using these, and make it as hard as possible to use them.

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I live in Northern Virginia and have used these coupons multiple times. My favorite coupons to get are for a place called ZPizza. The certificate is $10 (really less than $1 if you use the code) and the purchase minimum is $15. Their pizzas are excellent but pricey so to get a dinner for less than $10 is a steal! I've recommended Restaurant.com to other co-workers and they have been able to use the coupons with no problems.

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so if it says minimum purchase $35, and you have a $25 gift certificate that you bought for $10, that means you can spend $35 at the restaurant, and your end purchase price is actually $20.

is that right? the help section isn't all that helpful!

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at restaurants.com. And with the coupon you pay $3 for a $25 certificate, not $10. You're basically saving $22 on a meal.

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Does anyone have the current month's code? " PRESENT " is expired.

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